Benefits of Going to Culinary School

To start with, this wouldn’t be like your regular article in which only states the benefits of going to a culinary school. No! Because that would only imply being one-sided! After all, if there are benefits then there are also “disadvantages”. It would then be better to start with the disadvantages of going to culinary school.Well, to be frank there aren’t much, as the disadvantages of going into culinary school only revolves to two things! These can even be associated to other jobs which aren’t inclined with cooking and these are “unemployment” or “forever the cook, never the chef” and also “LLS” which means “Low pay, Late hours, Slow promotion rate (most likely NO promotion, not if you open your own restaurant that is). Yes! These are some of the major drawbacks in going into culinary school.If you do graduate and earn your diplomas you would soon find yourselves working in a hotel kitchen or a restaurant, hospital, a company cafeteria or “luckily” in one of the houses of the rich and famous. Yes, you would be working in one of these AS a COOK and NOT the chef (as “chef” if you have already known or may not know is the “chief” of the kitchen). You may find yourself working as a cook for the longest time as most kitchens only have room for one chief/chef.Furthermore, cooking in restaurant, hotels, and cafeterias may give you low pay plus you may need to work in the late hours of night or even during 1-3am in the morning as most people would want their food freshly cooked, wouldn’t you?Those were the common disadvantages of going into culinary school and now we move on to its benefits. Asides from learning to cook for your own personal reasons or may it be for business use, all the things that you may learn in culinary school will and can be used in your everyday life. A lot of professionals are now taking up culinary arts as they have found out that this may be their one shot to earning a huge sum of money.An example would be the nurses in the Philippines in which most have already gone and finished taking up culinary arts and are now successful cooks and even CHEFS earning big money! From French cuisines down to those Western dishes all of those could prove to be of benefit as after taking up culinary arts all these recipes are now imprinted to your mind and you could conjure all these dishes if you would want to or not. You may even have the option of opening your own restaurant (if able) or a fast food chain! Moreover, those degrees you earn in your culinary school can always be of help to you in landing a nice stable job.